Worn Down, Overworked? Need a Jolt? Get back to yourself, on the double!

Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Antioxidants. Straight to the Source.

All IVs are not created equal, that's why we formulated ours from scratch after years of experience... feel the difference!

"We believe that it's easier to prevent chronic illness than to treat it after it occurs." - Lauren Loya M.D.

"We believe you should plan for your long term health just like many people plan for their long term financial future." - Lauren Loya M.D.

"We believe from an evolutionary standpoint, the body is built to heal itself. Our job is to support the body and remove obstacles... IVs can help." - Lauren Loya M.D.

IVs For a Healthy Lifestyle



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Lauren Loya M.D.

All of our proprietary IV Drip formulations have been created by Lauren Loya M.D. to be of the highest quality.
Dr. Loya is the founder and Medical Director of The Hormone Center.

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